The world is a little crazy at the moment and I’ll be writing a bit more in the near future. But for now I’d like to offer up three words and guiding principles for you to sit with in your daily practice: patiencepermission and compassion.

Many of us are faced with enormous uncertainty and stress right now. While I understand – and feel much of the same discomfort – my practice tells me that nothing “real” in this world is permanent. Or as Rumi might have said it, “this too shall pass.” So please be patient with yourself – even while the ground is (literally if you’re in Salt Lake City) shifting under your feet. I promise that where you end up is right where you’re supposed to be.

Give yourself permission to be and feel whatever it is you need to be and feel right now. We’re using all sorts of things to buffer our feelings. For me, it’s donuts and Diet Coke. For some it’s alcohol, exercise, social media, sex, or gaming…or toilet paper and Purell. Right now we’re all using whatever we can to make us feel better and more in control. But in reality, all those things are blocking us from our feelings and the freedom we could feel by simply taking a breath and letting go. So give yourself permission to live in both worlds – fear and relaxation. Because punching yourself in the face for eating too many Oreos is definitely not going to help.

Finally, be compassionate and gentle with yourself and with others. We’re all operating somewhere on that spectrum of fight, flight or freeze. Some of us are shutting down because we don’t know what to do. Some of us are working harder because sitting still would require us to feel our feelings. A little trick I use in times of stress is to become extra curious. Gently ask your partner why they’re doing that thing they do. Inquire with your manager or colleague if they would be open to doing this a little different. And most importantly, ask yourself what you’re feeling and write down the thoughts that precede those feelings. Compassion towards yourself and others could make this a beautiful time for growth and exploration so use this time as best you can. Have fun, play, experiment…what do you have to lose?

I’m doing everything I can to keep myself healthy so I can support you on your journey to health and happiness. If you’d like to book a coaching session I have some spots open in the upcoming weeks. It would be my honor to hold space for you in this time of great challenge…and opportunity.