If it all seems very confusing and you’re not sure where to start, I offer guidance to individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life in the intentional and healing use of psychedelics.

So you watched a Netflix documentary and became curious. Or you’ve been suffering from treatment resistant depression or PTSD and have heard about the remarkable healing properties of psilocybin or ayahuasca. It’s a strange new world out there and the options and possibilities are limitless. Navigating the path is much easier with a guide who understands both the psychological and spiritual aspects of the psychedelic renaissance.

New to psychedelics?

Confused where to start?

Download the Psychedelic Field Manual

Schedule your free Integration Session today.

This free session is for those seeking healing and growth from the use of psychedelics and is an opportunity for you to ask questions, gain clarity, and be truly seen.

Support I offer for expanded states of consciousness.

Preparation, Intention & Integration Coaching

The true, long-lasting benefits of psychedelics do not come from the journey itself but rather the amount of preparation, integration, and activation that occurs before and after your journey. 

DEEP Inner Work ( 1:1 )

DEEP Inner Work is a powerful six-month guided coaching program specifically designed to help you focus focus deeply on self-awareness and personal transformation. 

EMP.Live (Free Online Group)

A free rercurring online group where business leaders come together to discuss entrepreneurship, mental health, and psychedelics.

Founders Thriving Experiences

Multiple experiences focused on entrepreneurship, mental, and psychedelics. Those with a psychedelic experience take place in Central or South America.

Become a Member of the Conscious Shala

The Conscious Shala is a members-only community and healing space dedicated to serving and cross-pollinating the spiritual communities in the St. Louis region.

If you’re seeking support in  creating a deeper experience within your life and would like to know if psychedelics might be a solution, look to one person to help you take the next right step: Gv Freeman.

Don't Forget Your Free Book!

The Psychedelic Field Manual is a 75-page free book to help newcomers and sincere explorers navigate their way around the ever-changing world of psychedelics. If you watched Michael Pollan's documentary and are curious - but not sure where to start - this is the book for you! 

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