If things are not going according to plan in business or life, it’s time to make a change. The positive kind.

Schedule a free Ideation Session today.

If you think you need help setting your business or life on a new course, this call will help you explore a few paths you might take and which one suits you best  today.

Free DEEP Speed Round

A FREE 90-minute workshop for your group of 10 or more people.

DEEP Day Intensive

A single-day personal visioning intensive modeled after the DEEP Inner Work program.

Co-Founder Alignment

A multi-day intensive to realign co-founders; both personally and professionally.

Growth Plan

Tactics. Competitive Anslysis. Budget. Recommendations. Project Plan. Resources.

Self-Care for Entrepreneurs

An interactive experience in building self-care into the business leader’s journey.

(re) Alignment Workshop

Mantra. Mission. Vision. Values. Measurement. Obstacles. Accountability.

Guided Innovation

New solutions through honesty, accountability, and innovation.

Aligning Sales, Marketing & Content Strategy

A 10-step interactive process to align sales and marketing through content and technology.

B2B Marketing Automation

A half-day workshop designed for newcomers to content marketing and automation.

Custom Workshops

Launch even the most demanding initiatives with support and creativity.

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