If things are not going according to plan in business or life, it’s time to make a change. The positive kind.

Schedule a free Ideation Session today.

If you think you need help setting your business or life on a new course, this call will help you explore a few paths you might take and which one suits you best  today.

Free DEEP Speed Round

A FREE 90-minute workshop for your group of 10 or more people.

DEEP Day Intensive

A single-day personal visioning intensive modeled after the DEEP Inner Work program.

Co-Founder Alignment

A multi-day intensive to realign co-founders; both personally and professionally.

Growth Plan

Tactics. Competitive Anslysis. Budget. Recommendations. Project Plan. Resources.

Self-Care for Entrepreneurs

An interactive experience in building self-care into the business leader’s journey.

(re) Alignment Workshop

Mantra. Mission. Vision. Values. Measurement. Obstacles. Accountability.

Guided Innovation

New solutions through honesty, accountability, and innovation.

Aligning Sales, Marketing & Content Strategy

A 10-step interactive process to align sales and marketing through content and technology.

B2B Marketing Automation

A half-day workshop designed for newcomers to content marketing and automation.

Custom Workshops

Launch even the most demanding initiatives with support and creativity.

Don't Forget Your Free Book!

The Psychedelic Field Manual is a 75-page free book to help newcomers and sincere explorers navigate their way around the ever-changing world of psychedelics. If you watched Michael Pollan's documentary and are curious - but not sure where to start - this is the book for you! 

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