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Success and Happiness are Not Mutually Exclusive

No doubt about it, financial and career success are very important areas in your life. But have you considered increasing your purpose, fulfillment, and self-worth in the other eight areas? Work-life balance doesn’t work because you need to integrate – not balance – all ten areas of your system. 

I help business leaders cultivate more joy, peace, and freedom by integrating all those parts.

A trusim in project management states, “Speed, quality, and price; choose any two.” Many of my clients feel the same. Your executive coach doesn’t teach meditation, your therapist won’t increase your profit margin, and neither will help you prepare for and integrate your psychedelic experience.

I live at the intersection of entrepreneurship, mental health, and psychedelics.


Whether you've got an idea in your head, you're ready to grow your company, or it's time to scale to revenue operations, as a fractional CRO I have mentored, advised, and consulted with founders and companies of all stages to launch, grow, and exit.

Mental Health

Building or running a company are two of the most lonely and challenging jobs on the planet. I know! I've been there. Managing your thoughts and emotions is a learned skill that will make you a better, more creative, and happier leader.


The positive outcomes for mental health, problem-solving, and creativity are undeniable. After a decade of intentional use and study, I assist clients prepare for and integrate their experiences using expanded states of consciousness.  

And here’s how I do that…


Founders, entrepreneurs, and executives rarely have the support they need to build their dreams. I act as a catalyst to help you level up.


Sometimes having a fresh set of legs in the game is exactly what your needs to to solve a big problem or achieve greater levels of success.


Growth Strategy & Fractional Leadership

Whether it’s a finite special project or a multi-month fractional leadership position, I help companies plan and execute for growth.


Psychedelic Preparation & Integration

The psychedelic renaissance is upon us and the landscape is often confusing. I coach and consult to help you prepare and integrate your experience.

Product Founder’s Journey

Interested in starting a tech company but not sure where to start? The PFJ is 11 hours of video content build specifically for future founders. 

SaaS Field Manual Framework

Gv’s first book is the perfect desk reference for any founders wanting to start their first company. Figure out if you’re ready to make the leap.

Don't Forget Your Free Book!

The Psychedelic Field Manual is a 75-page free book to help newcomers and sincere explorers navigate their way around the ever-changing world of psychedelics. If you watched Michael Pollan's documentary and are curious - but not sure where to start - this is the book for you! 

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