Mental Health

If it seems impossible to balance your work life and a personal life, I can help turn that into a single integrated life focused on freedom; externally and internally.

There often doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day to operate a business. What time you do have left is barely enough to enjoy life outside the office. Integrate it all for a healthier and happier you.

Schedule your free 80/20 Call today.

This free session is for business leaders seeking greater joy, peace, and freedom in your life and willing to do the work to achieve it.

How I can help you achieve more peace, joy, and freedom. 

80/20 Coaching ( 1:1 )

80/20 Coaching is 1:1 work that combines self-awareness and  executive coaching.

DEEP Inner Work Program ( 1:1 or Group)

DEEP Inner Work is a powerful six-month guided program specifically designed for business leaders to deeply focus on self-awareness and personal growth.

DEEP Day Workshop ( 1:1 )

An abbreviated version of the DEEP Inner Work program, a DEEP Day Workshop is a one-day intensive.

Attend a Founders Thriving Experience

Multiple experiences focused on entrepreneurship and mental health. Those with a psychedelic experience take place in Central or South America.

Join EMP.Live (Free Online Group)

A free monthly online group where business leaders come together to discuss entrepreneurship, mental health, and psychedelics.

Become a Member of the Conscious Shala

The Conscious Shala is a members-only community and healing space dedicated to serving and cross-pollinating the spiritual communities in the St. Louis region.

Or just grab some free stuff…

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Entrepreneur Self-Care Toolkit

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Getting Grounded With Gv

If you’re a business leader looking for more peace, joy, and freedom while you build and run the business of your dreams, look to one person to help you achieve it: Gv Freeman.

Don't Forget Your Free Book!

The Psychedelic Field Manual is a 75-page free book to help newcomers and sincere explorers navigate their way around the ever-changing world of psychedelics. If you watched Michael Pollan's documentary and are curious - but not sure where to start - this is the book for you! 

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