St. Louis Psychedelics for

Psychotherapy Mastermind

Are you a practicing therapist, counselor, researcher, or scientist interested in learning how psychedelics are being used in the mental health field?

As the legalization for psychedelics spreads across the country and public perception continues to shift, clinicians are being approached by clients curious about the efficacy and availability of psychedelic treatment options. Unfortunately, reliable and safe information is often hard to find.

This mastermind group offers a professional and grounded space for mental health practitioners to ask questions, share their experience and expertise, and seek the resources their clients are looking for.

Meetings are facilitated by Gv Freeman, lead minister for the Church of Universal Consciousness, and will be held monthly at the Conscious Shala.

  • Pre-registration is required.
  • No controlled substances will ever be used or allowed on premises during these meetings. 


Join Us for a mental health focused psychedelic mastermind.

Meet other clinicians in the St. Louis area looking to share their curiosity and knowledge.   

New To Psychedelics?

The Psychedelic Field Manual is a book for new travelers to the psychedelic landscape and sincere explorers seeking to deepen their practice.

  • Learn the most common modalities for working with psychedelics – from ceremonial to recreational.
  • Gain a better understanding of how to keep yourself safe and learn to spot potential red flags.
  • Learn how set, setting, dosage, and substance all work together to create powerful healing experiences.
  • Get to know the many actors and the roles each play play – mostly helpful, some harmful.

Join the St. Louis Psychedelics for Psychotherapy Mastermind

Mental Health Clinicians

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