Preparation, Intention &

Integration Coaching

Change occurs not from the journey itself,
but from how we integrate the experience into our lives.  

Through Netflix documentaries, Erowid reports, or Joe Rogan podcasts, many people have come to the conclusion that simply ingesting a psychedelic substance will change your life, eliminate your depression, vanish your addictions, or unwind years of trauma.

Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. We may receive incredible gifts and insights during our journey itself, but it’s only with proper integration and activation that long-lasting change is cemented in our behavior.


Science has shown us that for a limited time after our journey our brains are more open to change. With an increase in neurplasticity, we are able to step out of old ruts and patterns and develop new ways of living.  

Preparation, Intention, and Integration coaching is a way for each person to personally prepare for, understand, and build an integration and activation plan to take your newfound awarness and actually put it into practice to bring more peace, joy, and freedom in your life. 


Micro Journey

The Micro journey includes one preparation session and one integration session. During preparation, we will tap into your current lived experience and work together to find discernment, clarity, and focus. Together, we will craft a simple yet powerful intention for your upcoming journey.

During the integration session (ideally one week after your journey) we will work together to make sense of your experience and develop an integration and activation plan you can use to begin cementing new thought patterns and behaviors over the next 90 days.

This tier includes access to my Preparation and Integration workbooks.

Mini Journey

The Mini journey includes two preparation sessions and two integration sessions. With two preparation sessions, we have an opportunity to more deeply unpack what is happening in your life that is drawing you to do this work. The first session may incorporate techniques from somatic psychotherapy, guided meditation, and visualization. Session two will focus on the preparation workbook and intention setting.

The two integration sessions are ideally one week and one month from the date of your journey. The first focusing on implementing a new thought and behavior plan. The second session we focus on questions, adjustments, and a 90 days plan.

This tier includes access to my Preparation and Integration workbooks.

Macro Journey

The Macro journey includes two preparation sessions and three months of weekly integration coaching. Similar in preparation to the Mini Journey, \the true transformative power of the Macro Journey is working weekly to truly practice and cement new thoughts and behaviors into your life. Having a clean mirror to help you see your thoughts and behaviors is invaluable when we’re making changes in our life.

In the Macro Journey, we capitalize on the 90 days of increased neuroplasticity present in the brain and use this extra openness and cognitive flexibility to truly change your mind

This tier includes access to my Preparation and Integration workbooks.

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