Gv Freeman


Welcome weary traveler. To a much-needed respite on your self-awarness journey. If you’re in search of deeper levels of life satisfaction, inspiration, or success you’ve picked a good place to land. If you’re here without the intention of getting to know yourself better, that’s ok too. Stick around; you may just feel something. 

My name is Gv (gee-vee). I am an unstucker of humans, optimystic, and tipper of sacred cows. I straddle the line between the secular and the sacred and my life is a Venn diagram of entrepreneurship, mental health, and psychedelics

After 20 years as a serial entrepreneur, I started following my true dharma and today I use centuries’ old tools to help solve modern-day problems. If you’re feeling a little stuck, check out the resources below or send me a message


Join Me for A Powerful Healing Journey to Peru



An Amazing Conversation
With George Monty 


How I Can Help

Transformational Coaching

I help my clients solve modern-day problems with centuries-old tools. I’m usually the one you call after you’ve tried other coaches or therapists but still can’t figure out why you’re stuck. If you’ve worked your ass off building a career or business you’re proud of but are now looking for a deeper sense of satisfaction or inspiration, send me and email or shoot me a text.

Psychedelic Consultation

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer or an experienced traveler, sometimes you simply need support, integration, or guidance to figure out your next (or first) step on the path.

I offer grounded and practical psychedelic consultation services for those seeking assistance on their path. 

Psychedelic Masterminds

With the exponential and worldwide growth of psychedelics, facilitators, guides, and clergy actively practicing this work are desperately seeking community and support from their peers. What was once underground has now become more accessible. Psychedelic Masterminds are confidential groups of like-minded professionals committed to the safe and ethical use of psychedelics for healing and growth.  

PsychedelicIQ : Guidance for Guides

PsychedelicIQ : Guidance for Guides is a project devoted to providing grounded and practical wisdom to psychedelic practitioners. This includes a podcast, online community, and educational resources. 

Nactivate for Networking Professionals

Nactivate is a personal CRM built specifically for professional networkers. Nactivate can save you 15 minutes for every new introduction or referral you make.

If you believe in the power of networking and referrals, try Nactivate for 14 days for free.

Conscious Shala

The Conscious Shala is a spiritual community center for the St. Louis area. The Shala offers events, workshops, and community-building opportunities for mindful people interested in healing, growth, community, and consciousness. 

Church of Universal Consciousness

The Church of Universal Consciousness believes that the ceremonial use of psilocybin and other plant sacraments allows a connection to Divine Consciousness. Church members have an opportunity to connect with community, deeper their spiritual practice and connect with their own version of Universal Consciousness through educational meetups, community gatherings, and sacred psilocybin ceremonies.  

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