Gv Freeman


Modes of Transformation

Transformational Coaching

I solve modern-day problems with centuries-old tools to help you unstuck yourself. I’m the one you call after you’ve tried other coaches or therapists but are still craving some satisfaction, success, and inspiration in your life. If you’ve worked your ass off building the career or business you’re proud of but are now looking to go deeper, email me or shoot me a text.

Psychedelic Facilitation

As the founder and lead minister of the Church of Universal Consciousness, I offer immersive experiences and sacred ceremonies for both individuals and groups. Click here to learn more about sacred ceremonies or contact me for more information.

Professional Networking Sofware

Nactivate is a personal CRM built specifically for professional networkers. Nactivate can save you 15 minutes for every new introduction or referral you make.

If you believe in the power of networking and referrals, try Nactivate for 14 days for free.

Concious Shala

The Conscious Shala is a spiritual community center for the St. Louis area. The Shala offers events, workshops, and community-building opportunities for mindful people interested in healing, growth, community, and consciousness. 

Church of Universal Consciousness

The Church of Universal Consciousness believes that the ceremonial use of psilocybin and other plant sacraments allows a connection to Divine Consciousness. Church members have an opportunity to connect and learn through weekly educational meetups and monthly psilocybin ceremonies.  


For the better part of 25 years, I have been helping entrepreneurs build and grow their tech and professional service organizations. With deep experience in marketing, product, and sales, my work focuses on alignment, strategy, and process.

Reach out for help on fractional engagements, workshops, or facilitating special projects.

Gv Freeman is a Transformational Guide who helps humans unstuck themselves. With an integrated approach to coaching, consulting, and sacred medicine, he and his clients work together to solve modern-day problems with centuries-old tools.

Gv’s life looks a lot like a Venn diagram of entrepreneurship, mental health, and psychedelics, and after 20 years as a serial entrepreneur, he began following his true dharma to help people discover the satisfaction, success, and inspiration they so deeply crave.

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