The farthest journey anyone must walk is only 18 inches.


It is the distance from your head to your heart.


Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime sacred journey through the mountains, valleys, canyons, and jungles of Peru to traverse the path from your head to your heart.

Lead by indigeneous guides, skilled coaches, and the master plants of ayahuasca and huachuma, you will have an opportunity to experience what it truly means to step into inspired leadership.

Explore the Mountains with Huachuma

November 4 – 16, 2022

The Mountain Program is a true Andean cultural immerion. This 12-day journey combines sacred sites, cultural immersion, deep teachings from master teachers, and three nights of sacred huachuma (San Pedro) ceremony. 


Explore the Jungle with Ayahuasca

November 16 – 22, 2022

The Jungle Program is a 6-day adventure into the heart of the Amazon. After a boat ride into the jungle, you will experience beautifully prepared meals, spectacular flora and fauna, local wildlife on Monkey Island, and three nights of sacred ayahuasca ceremony.

Explore the Mountains and the Jungle

November 4 – 22, 2022

Combining both the Mountain and the Jungle programs is a journey, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. This is truly an opportunity to transform your life by integrating your own condor and eagle energy to become the inspired leader you’re destined to be.  

How It Works

1. Preparation

3 months of preparation support

3-Months prior to the start of your journey we will begin preparing as a group and individually. This includes group sessions, a full medical intake, one-on-one support, guided activities, and a preparation workbook. You will have an opportunity to get to know both the guides, coaches, and each other prior to the retreat.


2. Immersion

From 6 to 18 days

Taking full advantage of an opportunity to disconnect from your day-to-day life, you will have a chance to let go of old ways of thinking while you immerse yourself into the culture, history, and power of Peru. Experience sacred sites, deep medicine work, amazing food, and intimate teachings from master teachers.


3. Integration

3 months of post-experience support

The most profound changes we experience do not actually happen during our journey. Long-lasting change requires integration and activation in your day-to-day life. Our integration program includes group sessions and activities designed to bring your powerful experience back home to both your work and personal lives.


Inspired Leaders are Awakened Leaders


In today’s world, it’s not enough to simply run a profitable business and pay your employees a fair wage. Quiet quitting, burn-outturnover and recruting are just a few of the challenges leadership teams are facing in today’s workforce.

The best way to address these issues is with inspired leadership.

Leaders who lead with emotional intelligence, compassion, empathy, vision, and inspiration are more capable of growing their companies and taking better care of their teams.

How does one become an inspired leader?

Watch the video to find out.

The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor

The Eagle and the Condor prophecy of the Amazon speaks of long ago when human societies split into two different paths—that of the Eagle and that of the Condor. The path of the Condor is the path of heart, of intuition, and of the feminine. The path of the Eagle is the path of the mind, of the industrial, and of the masculine.

The Eagle and Condor prophecy says that the 1490s would begin a 500-year period during during which the Eagle people would become so powerful that they would nearly drive the Condor people out of existence. This can be seen in the conquering of the Americas and the killing and oppressing of the indigenous peoples in the subsequent 500 years—up to and including today.

The prophecy says that during the next 500-year period, beginning in 1990, the potential would arise for the Eagle and the Condor to come together, to fly in the same sky, and to create a new level of consciousness for humanity. The prophecy only speaks of the potential, so it’s up to humanity to activate this potential and ensure that a new consciousness is allowed to arise.

Are you ready to integrate your own eagle and condor energies to become an inspired leader?

Who Is This Journey For?


Quite frankly, this journey is not for everyone. This is a deeply personal and transformative experience that could take you out of your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual comfort zones.

But if the possibility of deeply learning about yourself and expanding your conscious awareness truly excites you then you’re in the right place.

This journey may be for you if…

You are seeking to safely and legally explore psychedelics in a safe and supportive environment.

You are seeking a deeper experience of self-awareness, consciousness, and spiritual awakening.

You are seeking a path to becomming an inspired leader in your community or company.

You are seeking a more ceremonial, rather than recreational, experience with psychedelics.

You are seeking an opportunity to explore the untruths in your life and reveal your shadow.

You are seeking to remove the blocks preventing you from achieving your highest potential.

Guides & Facilitators

Roberto & Rene Flores Solis are native Peruvians and master medicine carriers. The brothers have been serving huachuma and ayahuasca for over twenty years and have a deep appreciation and love for Mother Earth. They serve their medicine from place of deep love, trust, honor, and forgiveness.

Gv Freeman is a Transformational Guide who lives at the intersection of entrepreneurship, mental health, and psychedelics. With over a decade of experience serving and working with psychedelics for healing and growth, Gv offers a unique set of skills to help business awaken to living lives full of success and satisfaction. 

Plant Medicines

Each participant will have the option to participate in up to three huachuma and three ayahuasca ceremonies depending on which program they attend. Should any participant not wish to participate in a medicine, that is perfectly acceptable. Additionally, there are no mandatory “dosages or cups” and each participant will have complete automony over their own experience.  


The Moutain Program includes 3 huachuma ceremonies

Huachuma (commonly referred to as San Pedro in the West) is a shamanic medicine that some consider being one of the greatest of the plant teachers. It is derived from a cactus and comprised principally of mescaline – a psychedelic alkaloid that is also found in peyote). The effects of mescaline have been described as “empathogenic, (similar to MDMA) and potentially life-changing, promoting radical introspection, healing, and a sense of wonder and awe.” Often referred to as “Grandfather”, this sacred medicine is often slower and more gently than ayahuasca but incredibly powerful and able to connect you to Mother Nature and your heart.


The Jungle Program includes 3 ayahuasca ceremonies

Ayahuasca is another shamanic medicine that tends to be much more familiar in today’s psychedlic landscape and the zeitgeist at large. Combining two primary ingredients, the ayahuacua vine and the chacruna shrub, this potent tea is brewed for many hours to create one of the most powerful and visionary psychedelics on the planet. With its primary psychoactive ingredient being DMT, ayahuasca is thought to contain the God molecule, thereby giving its recipeints the ability to connect to a power greater than theselves. Ayahuasca is often a shorter but more intense experience offering journeyers the ability to look deeply within their psyche.

Why both? Which should I choose?

If you will endulge me for a few moments I want to share a bit of my personal journey with both of these medicines. In 2015, I was drawn to ayahuasca because of its perceived “power.” This played perfectly into my Western mind that ‘more is better’ and the more powerful the trip the faster I would heal.

It took nearly 30+ ayahuasca journeys (some incredibly challenging) before I realized that for a recovering perfectionist and control freak like myself, it was actually the softer, gentler path that truly offered the deepest healing. Pounding away at my psyche with a psychedelic sledgehammer was not what I truly needed. Healing my heart was exactly what huachuma offered.

When I decided to create this experience I knew I wanted huachuma to be the primary opporutnity for two reason: First, for anyone oriented as a ‘High D’, perfectionist, or control freak, ayahuasca can be a powerful experience but also very challenging. Huachuma is a much gentler and sweeter medicine that can help you unwind some of your most deeply held thought patterns. Second, at this stage in its popularity, ayahuasca is available to anyone looking for it. But to find a master medicine carrier who has been serving huachuma for over 20 years is much more rare.

In the end, I encourage you to follow your heart. And if you have questions, please reach out to chat.

Sacred Sites & Attractions

Peru is full of many of the most sought after tourist destinations on the globe. As part of the Mountain Program, you will have an opportunity to visit some of the most powerful Incan temples and sacred sites. Additionally, Rene is a licensed tour guide who will not only give you the “written” story, but as Q’uero native, he also offers many unwritten and passed down stories you will not find in a standard guide book.


Sacred sites we’ll visit on the Mountain Program

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is an Incan citadel set high in the Andes Mountains in Peru, above the Urubamba River valley. Built in the 15th century and later abandoned, it’s renowned for its sophisticated dry-stone walls that fuse huge blocks without the use of mortar, intriguing buildings that play on astronomical alignments and panoramic views. Its exact former use remains a mystery.


Sacsayhuamán, which can be spelled many different ways, is a citadel on the northern outskirts of the city of Cusco, Peru, the historic capital of the Inca Empire. The complex was built by the Inca in the 15th century, particularly under Pachacuti and successors. They built dry stone walls constructed of huge stones.


Ollantaytambo is a village in the Sacred Valley of south Peru, set on the Urubamba River amid snow-capped mountains. It’s known for the Ollantaytambo ruins, a massive Inca fortress with large stone terraces on a hillside. Major sites within the complex include the huge Sun Temple and the Princess Baths fountain. The village’s old town is an Inca-era grid of cobblestoned streets and adobe buildings.


Hidden amongst the Amazon Jungle in Cusco lies the ancient Inca City of Vilcabamba. This magical city is said to have been the last refuge of the Incas before the Spanish invasion. For centuries its location was a mystery and has only been truly discovered in the last few decades.

Apu Ausangate

An apu is a mountain deity, a powerful mountain spirit, and the core of Andean religion. Ausangate mountain is the fourth highest peak in Peru and revered as one of the most significant apus by the Quechua population of the Southern Andes. Apu Ausangate is considered the owner of the entire Cusco region of Peru.

Tinajani Canyon

Surrounded by legend, long before human kind walked the earth, Tinajani Canyon was a huge mass of water, which is now -clearly- gone, leaving the beautiful Lake Titicaca as its legacy. An incredibly powerful energetic site with mind bending scenery, Tinajani will amaze your senses and your soul. 


Attractions we’ll visit on the Jungle Program

Eco Amazonia

The Eco Amazonia Lodge is a jungle paradise nestled just off the Madre de Dios river north of Puerto Maldenado. An ecological reserve within the rainforest in the heart of Amazon paradise in Tambopata, this will be our home for the Jungle Program. Comfortable cabins, beautiful hammocks by the river and amazing food await.

Lake Apu Victor

During our jungle stay will visit the flooded forest and Lake Apu Victor. Deep in the heart of the jungle, you’ll experience its crystal clear waters, surrounded by marshes and giant trees. Venturing to the observation deck, you’ll have an opportunity to observe parrots, macaws, toucans, caimans, turtles and maybe even a giant otter, one of the rainforest’s most spectacular animals.

Amazon Jungle Tour

Accompanied by a local guide, we will adventure into virgin, untouched rainforest for a hike deep into jungle to find the Lost Cocha, a refuge and feeding ecosystem supporting a huge variety of animals.including otters, caimans, turtles, sachavacas (tapirs), majestic jaguars, and a variety of bird and fish species. 

Monkey Island

Accompanied by our trained guide, you will get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to land on Monkey Island. Just five minutes by boat from the lodge, Monkey Island offers guests an opporutnity to get up close and personal with wild (and well trained with bananas) monkeys in their natural habitat. Not uncoming to see are Maquisapas, Capuchins, Small Lion Monkeys, Frailes, Cotos and an occassional sloth.


In full transparency, if you require luxury accommodations, this is probably not the experience for you. In fact, a ‘no diva’ rule is in effect for almost any journey to Peru. 

The Mountrain Journey is primariliy focused on sacred sites and medicine work so we will often have one night of more rustic accomodations while we sit with medicine, then a comfortable hotel stay the night following. This allows both the amazing opportunity of cultural immersion and also the rest and relaxation your body and mind will crave after a night of deep medicine work. 

Each hotel on the Mountain Program will be well-appointed with comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and hot water showers. In betwen our hotel stays are more rustic accomodations; including one night of camping.

Our full stay during the Jungle Program will be at Eco Amazonia, an eco lodge in the heart of the Amazon jungle. Comfortable rooms, hot showers and private bathrooms are included in each cabin.  


Our home base in Cusco will be at the Hotel Taypikala. Five minutes walk to the Cusco city center, this hotel is well appointed with everything one may need to rest, relax, and regroup.


Our one-night stay in Ollantaytambo has us staying at the beautiful Tika Wasi Valley hotel. A quaint and quiet retreat just 5 minutes walking distance from the center of Ollantaytambo.

Apu Ausangate

Our lodging at Ausangate will lean towards the rustic but still complete with beds, fresh running water, and indoor plubming. We will likely stay in one or more small boarding houses owned by local families who live at the base of the mountain.

Camping in Tinajani

Our one-night stay in Tinajani Canyon includes an opportunity to sit by the campfire and marvel at the brightest night sky and stars you’ve ever seen in your life. Tents, sleeping bags, and all the gear you’ll need are included and will be set up for you by the staff.


Our one-night stay in Sicuani will be at the Wilkamayu Hotel, a restored home appointed with beautiful and comfortable amenities one might find in a quint countryside bed & breakfast. 

Santa Teresa


Eco Amazonia

The Eco Amazonia Lodge has 50 Bungalows designed and built from local materials to provide the comfort and safety you desire. Each room is furnished with nets, electricity, hot water, and a ceiling fan.

Preparation, Integration & Safety

When it comes to reaping the rewards of sacred medicine work, preparation and integration are just as important as the experience itself.

With this in mind, both the Mountain and Jungle Programs offer a full set of prepration and integration sessions and tools designed for you to truly transform your experience into a life-changing opportunity.

1:1 Application Call

Our home base in Cusco will be at the Hotel Taypikala. Five minutes walk to the Cusco city center, this hotel is well appointed with everything one may need to rest, relax, and regroup.

Full Health Screening

Our home base in Cusco will be at the Hotel Taypikala. Five minutes walk to the Cusco city center, this hotel is well appointed with everything one may need to rest, relax, and regroup.

1:1 Discovery Interview

Our home base in Cusco will be at the Hotel Taypikala. Five minutes walk to the Cusco city center, this hotel is well appointed with everything one may need to rest, relax, and regroup.

Preparation Workbook

Our home base in Cusco will be at the Hotel Taypikala. Five minutes walk to the Cusco city center, this hotel is well appointed with everything one may need to rest, relax, and regroup.

3x Preparation Calls

Our home base in Cusco will be at the Hotel Taypikala. Five minutes walk to the Cusco city center, this hotel is well appointed with everything one may need to rest, relax, and regroup.

Integration Workbook

Our home base in Cusco will be at the Hotel Taypikala. Five minutes walk to the Cusco city center, this hotel is well appointed with everything one may need to rest, relax, and regroup.

3x Intregration Calls

Our home base in Cusco will be at the Hotel Taypikala. Five minutes walk to the Cusco city center, this hotel is well appointed with everything one may need to rest, relax, and regroup.

1:1 Prep & Integration

Our home base in Cusco will be at the Hotel Taypikala. Five minutes walk to the Cusco city center, this hotel is well appointed with everything one may need to rest, relax, and regroup.





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