Growth Strategy

“Alignment eats strategy for breakfast.” – Brian Halligan

Make 2021 your best year ever!

Guide or augment your current staff or agency relationships with executive level, strategic leader who’s working from the inside out.

Host an outcome-based growth, innovation, or (re)alignment workshop to develop your strategic 2021 growth plan. 

Alignment, Strategy & Process across Marketing, Sales & Product

True growth comes not from pulling a single lever but from pulling multiple levers with just the right combination of force for each. But when you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail so most consultants and agencies only focus on their area of expertise. With 20 years of experience building, marketing, and selling tech products and services I can help your team connect the dots and align your initiatives to truly enable exponential growth. 

Integrated Growth Blueprint

My Integrated Growth Blueprint is a systematic approach to growth. Built specifically for tech and service organizations, this step-by-step plan eliminates the unknown-unknowns of growth and lets you focus on what’s important.  


Helping tech-enabled companies grow for over 20 years.

Services & Workshops

Chief Growth Officer

As a fractional Chief Growth Officer I become a member of your team from day one. You get the skills and experience of a full time employee at a fraction of the cost of a full-time C-Suite executive. In this role, I work across your marketing, sales, product & customer success teams to create alignment, strategy, & process across the primary revenue generating departments in your organiation. 

Chief Marketing Officer

As a fractional Chief Marketing Officer I become a member of your team from day one. You get the skills and experience of a full-time employee at a fraction of the cost of a full-time C-Suite executive. In this role, I provide strategic planning and guidance for your major marketing initiatives and work with internet teams or agency partners to  deploy and measure effective multi-channel strategies


Working under a retainer agreement, I’m the ‘corner man’ for your growth strategy. This monthly engagement includes a dedicated block of hours that can be used for any projects, research, consultations or advice you may need. In many situations, a retainer agreement can add an impartal member or advisor to your executive team to help find the inflection points or expose the misalignents that occur when you can’t see the forrest for the trees..


Fractional project management is a perfect solution for large, cross-departmental initiatives that require the skills and leadership of a C-Suite member when those resources aren’t available. Projects that fit into this category may be a go-to-market strategy, company re-brand, product launch, design & rebuild, or a simultaneous multi-agency onboarding

Hourly Consultation

While not the most economical work styles, sometimes you simply need an outside voice or expertise to help you problem solve, strategize or brainstorm with. As time permits, I am happy to work with organizations in this capacity though it should be understood that each of the above mentioned service offerings will often have a higher priority over hourly work. 


Growth Plan

Einstein stated, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Without fresh eyes to help open you to new possibilities, you’re leaving opportunities on the table. This guided workshop looks cross-departmentally to uncover hidden opportunities and will help develop a short and long-term plan for growth;complete with a prioritized list of tactics, competitive analysis, budget recommendations, and project plan.


Perfect for companies who want to have a mission driven approach to growth. Whether you’ve recently hired a large number of employees, taken on funding, have pivoted, or rolled out a new product or division, this guided workshop focuses and aligns your leadership team around mantra, mission, vision, values, measurement and obstacles.

Guided Innovation

Bias is an irrational assumption or belief that warps your ability to make a decision based on facts and evidence. This often happens when leaders are too close to a problem – or are part of its cause. A guided innovation workshop helps leadership teams peel back the veil of their bias, uncover new truths, and empowers team members to discover new solutions through honesty, accountability and innovation.

Custom Workshops

With over 20 years of experience building and growing technology and professional service companies, Gv will design and facilitate a workshop to address a specific challenge or opportunity within your organization. Focusing primarily across marketing, sales, and product development, Gv also has a thorough understanding of the complexities, inflection points and downstream effects that can permeate the other nine departments found in most product-focused companies. A high-intensity and focused workshop can guide your team to launch even the most demanding of initiatives.

What is fractional leadership?

  • Leverage c-level growth leadership and expertise for a fraction of the cost.
  • Flexible services that align to your business needs and challenges.
  • Benefit from an unbiased fiduciary partner who is committed to your strategy and success – not just expensive tactics.
  • Follow a proven growth system for consistency of results & reporting.
  • Align marketing, sales & product from strategy through execution.

Fractional leadership is perfect for companies who…


  • … have no Chief Marketing, Revenue or Growth Officer in place.
  • … need to pivot, scale, increase innovation, or exit their business.
  • … have a champion or coordinator on staff who can help execute internally but needs strategic direction.
  • … understand the value of cross-departmental strategy, transparency & honesty.
  • … need a liason between management and external agencies.
  • … understand and value marketing as a driver of sales and revenue.